Copy Cat

Since Suzy’s doin’ it so shall I!

 I had lunch with G-man today and he tells me that someone has written a bad word in the bathroom, the f-word!  So I ask him what is the f-word? and he tells me that it’s another way of saying the p-word.  I’m thinking p-word as in where men/boys go number one, but no, he says it’s what happens when you do #2.  Then he spells out the f-word correctly.  Egads!  I’m not ready for this.  I was even a little sad.  He doesn’t know what the word means, I’m not going to tell him either since he is still too young.  But, the idea that he even has heard this word strikes me as an end of innocence.  I know I was in 6th or 7th grade before I had heard that word.  I told his teacher without telling on the student who was named as the culprit (I won’t be inviting him over for a playdate).


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