Restroom conversations with the elderly

I often workout at the local YMCA.  In the same building as the Y is the senior center.  The senior center has two restrooms of their own and, on occasion, they use the Y restrooms.  Here are two conversations that I’ve had in the restroom with the aforementioned seniors.

Me, in the stall doing my business.  (Sorry if TMI, try not to picture it.)

Senior:  How long you gonna be?  I’ve got a cane!

Me:  (Baffled) As long as it takes!

Second conversation.

While standing at the sink washing my hands.

Senior (a woman in her 80’s):  My friend says that without her makeup she feels naked.

Me:  (Making friendly conversation) I’ve heard that if you are in a rush and have to go out of the house without make up that you should, at the least, wear lipstick.

Senior:  My friend also said that those gay girls don’t wear lipstick.

Me: (Insert incredulous giggle here) I don’t think that’s true.

We exit the restroom, her ahead of me, she rounds the corner and looks back at me and I know what she is doing/thinking.  She’s looking for my wedding ring and thinking maybe I’m one of those gay girls.  Do 80-year-olds really have to worry about whether someone thinks that they are gay?


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