Window Films

We have a window in our 2nd floor master bathroom that goes from our knees to the top of our head and on the opposite wall is a mirror so if you were to stand in the woods behind our house you would be able to see everything.  Currently we have a shade that remains down all the time.  When we first moved in I would put it up in the morning and down at night but since we don’t spend much time in the master bathroom we’ve gotten lazy and it now stays down all the time.  I am a lover of natural light and despise dark rooms so I am motivated to make a change.  We are considering having the master bathroom remodeled and the window replaced with something like this.  But until that happens I am going to cover the window with a window film.  Window films allow for both privacy and natural light.  They can be adhered to a window in several different ways, static cling, glue and a soap/water mixture.  They also come in many designs, flowers, trees, animals, etc.  You can read more about window films here.


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