Our days are numbered

Last night I attended a kindergarten orientation and even though I think we are both ready for this next step there will be a big part of me that will mourn the loss of our time together.  There’s something about the school routine that takes control over the whole life of the family.  I find myself looking forward to weekends and snow days just as much as the kids.

 I don’t really do resolutions for the new year, at least I don’t talk about them, mostly they are ideas that I keep in my head and hold myself accountable.  One of these ideas is to spend more quality time with C.  Simple things like sitting and reading books, working on him recognizing letters and numbers, playing games, etc.  I want to keep our bond tight so that I don’t lose him to school.  Another thing we’ve been doing is stopping at Dunkin Donuts so he can eat the sweetest, most decorated donut and I can hold myself to two chocolate munchkins (especially since we go after a work out).  The other benefit to DD is the lighting.  The store has several large windows and on sunny days I am inspired to take many pictures.  See for yourself:

Click on the picture to see a larger version and then on view album to see more photos.


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