Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a good craft fair. I love the unique and handmade. Lucky for me there’s an online craft marketplace that sells all things handmade. That site is ETSY. One could spend hours upon hours looking at all the cool things. Believe me, I’ve done it. One day I’d like to sell my own things on there but first I must find the time to create. Until then I must shop. I’ve purchase several things all with good results, quick response from the seller, fast shipping, financial privacy through Paypal and all at a very reasonable cost.

One recent purchase was from Holly’s Vinyl Wall Art Shop. I am working on displaying some of my favorite photos on the wall along the staircase and these cute birds break up the otherwise squareness of it all. It’s quite difficult to get a shot from this angle.


Close up,


Also, this owl.


He’s standing guard over all things evil that may be entering G’s room.


After my purchase I read on a blog that owls were all over the place recently and how she was OVER them. LOL! This is my first owl.


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