There. I said it. I’ve been jogging for almost two years and I still feel like a wannabe. For the full story on why I jog read here: Suzy’s Jog Blog This weekend our second running of the Vermont City Marathon takes place and I am in a much better place. For many months now I’ve been consistently jogging 3 to 6 miles, 3 to 4 times a week. I jogged all winter indoors at the YMCA on the dreadmill. My lungs are in fine shape. My legs are what give me the most trouble which gives me a new goal for next year, strength training! I love jogging so much. I really do and sometimes find that hard to believe based on my past laziness. I am not one who diets and I don’t do well at limiting myself when it comes to most things. With jogging I can really control my overall health.

There’s nothing that says wannabe more than a newbie with a high tech gadget but that’s what I’ve got. Just yesterday I came into the possession of the Garmin Forerunner 205 purchased for a lot less on sale at REI. After reading the manual, yeah that’s right the entire thing, I took it out for a spin today. I must say that I was more than happy with it. All along the way I could track my pace which was faster than I had thought I had been jogging. Then I used that pace as my competition, when I saw that I was slowing down and approaching 12 min./mile I sped up. I set an alarm to alert me each time I would reach a mile and with a goal of 4 miles for today’s jog I really liked knowing when I was half way.

But what is even cooler about it is the accompanying software. When I got home from my jog I plugged it into my computer and it automatically uploads. Here’s a screen capture. Click it for a larger image.


I jogged 4.05 miles in 44.47 minutes with an average pace of 11.03 minutes per mile. I burned 522 calories so that Chubby Hubby is looking pretty good for this evening. If you look closely at the graph you can see just after the first mile where I had to wait to cross the street, then again with a shorter road crossing just after 2.5 and finally just after 4 where I pressed start by mistake when I had already completed my jog. Now I’d like to figure out my pace for each mile. I’ve found where it gives me my best pace and that was 8.53 and I’m thinking that was for my first leg. Back to the manual…

I was so excited to use this thing today that I forgot my music.  Not sure if that affected my pace or not.


One thought on “iJog

  1. I must posses a gamin forerunner – it is my destiny. I have been coveting the 405 for a few months now. Lemme know when you start mapping with it – that’s where it kicks butt. It knows EXACTLY where you were. Probably not something you wanna blog, but I wanna see it.

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