Vermont City Marathon Take 2

It was so much fun! Really, really fun. The entire weekend was fun. Saturday morning the kids, dog and I drove to my sister’s in NH where we piled into her minivan and joined her, her husband and their two kids. We drove north 3 hours to Burlington, VT where we met my parents and then checked into a hotel. All of us in a suite with two bedrooms. LOL! We met up at a campground with our other team members, my sister was able to get 10 people for two relay teams, where we carbo loaded on pizza and beer. The marathon was Sunday morning and after a fitful night of sleep (even though I had been jogging 4x a week and doing 6 miles I was still a bundle of nerves) we woke to a gorgeous day. My leg was the last and final leg of the relay and I wasn’t due to start until noonish so I could eat breakfast and go about my morning a bit more leisurely than the people running the first leg at 8:30. We had an estimate of each persons pace so I had a ballpark of when I would get the handoff. She came 10 minutes earlier than expected and I crossed the finish line 1 hour 2 minutes and 55 seconds later. My pace wasn’t my best – 11.12 – but not bad. I jogged 5.62 miles and burned 723 calories. My leg was along the bike path which is adjacent to Lake Champlain with spectacular views of New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Not that I was looking too much but I did try to savor some of the experience.

We spent the remainder of the weekend with family, friends and good beer.

Pictures posted by my sister:

We can’t wait to do it again next year. There is also talk of my sister and I splitting the half marathon in 2010, 13.1 miles! We started running for my 40th year and for hers perhaps doing a half marathon. That will be as far as I go though, running 26.2 miles for a full marathon sounds more like torture than fun.

Becky marathon 2008


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