The garden is in!


C-man and I planted the veggies this week.

He’s a great helper and loves to do anything that we are doing.

I purchased most of my seeds and starter plants from Burpee since I had good results from using their products the past year. I planted a variety of tomatoes from Burpee’s Tomato Hall of Fame – Big Mama, Fourth of July, Brandy Boy, Burpee’s Burger, Health Kick, Sweet Tangerine, Sweet Baby Girl and Sun Gold. In years past I bought squash plants from local nurserys but after two years of deadly powdery mildew I had to try another avenue. I bought zucchini, yellow or summer squash and cucumber seeds in hybrid varieties from Burpee hoping that they will resist disease. I also had my garden soil tested by the Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association which found it to be slightly acidic so we added 10lbs. of lime to each of the 3 tiered beds. The master gardener who did the testing said that changing the soil at all rocks the world of powdery mildew. Let’s hope so since I could just cry each year as it kills my plants after only yielding a few fruit. We also planted sweet red pepper plants, exhibition sized pumpkins, gourds and sunflowers that grew from the seeds of last years plants. Several weeks ago I planted scallions that are doing really well, you can see them below in the back garden on the left hand side.


Let the growing begin!


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