Lupine Leaves

IMG_8595-1, originally uploaded by ggrlogan.

Lupines are a favorite of mine. I first discovered them when selecting flowers for my wedding (12 years ago this past weekend!). I first chose them for the color purple (another favorite!) and the amount of purple blossoms on each 2′ spike. We had built a white arbor and wove them throughout the slats. It was so gorgeous. I don’t have a photo to share since they are from a film camera and in an album tucked away. Then when we moved to Maine lupines were everywhere. We lived right around the corner from the most incredible field of lupines and it’s where I started my interest in flower photography, again, they are on film and not easily accessible.

Sadly, I have had rotten luck growing them and I have a pretty green thumb. Here is my attempt, once again, to grow this plant. For now I’m enjoying how the rain water is suspended on the leaves.

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