IMG_8612, originally uploaded by ggrlogan.

My computer is located in a bay window overlooking the rear deck and yard. Our first summer here, two years ago, I noticed hummingbirds hovering over the back deck as if they were looking for something. I went out and bought a window mounted hummingbird feeder. If you feed them they will come! And then return year after year. We really look forward to their return in the spring, I only wish I would have thought to document the date so I could keep track of their arrival to compare each year.

All day long hummingbirds, mostly male, feed 3 feet from me. They are rarely frightened by the goings on in our family room and if you are sitting on the deck you might even be startled by one buzzing by your head. The kids love to watch them and will yell, “Look a hummer!”


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