Ocean Therapy


C-man and I recently took a day trip to Stonington, CT which, if you are familiar with the movie and the pizza, is near Mystic, CT. It’s been several months since I’ve been near the ocean. It is so therapeutic for me to hear, see and smell the ocean. As a family we were thinking about eliminating our beach retreat this summer but this day trip convinced me that it wouldn’t be an option.

We traveled with a few other people including one child who C-man befriended. I was sporting my camera and taking in the big picture which you can see above. The kids were discovering and pointing out what they discovered on the ground.


Looking forward to that beach retreat.


One thought on “Ocean Therapy

  1. oh now that looks nice! sigh. It’ll be a month until we have time for the beach. (and I say this with great sadness as I sit in the midst of boxes, newspaper and packing tape)

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