Ginormous Frogs!

I was surprised to find that ginormous is in the dictionary. But apparently it’s not in the spell check used in this browser since it is trying to correct me with variations of the word enormous. I was also surprised to see that ginormous dates back to 1948 since I’ve only heard it in recent years.

On our recent trip to Stonington, CT we passed the most unique bridge that I have ever seen, ever! It crosses the Willimantic River in Windham, CT.


The frogs measure 11 feet tall and there are 4 of them, one on each of the 4 corners. They sit atop thimbles and the bridge is called the Thread City Crossing. Our driver explained the history of the frogs and I found it fascinating, both history and humor. In the mid-1700’s, when the last French and Indian War was getting underway, the villagers were already tense. One evening they were all startled and frightened by a sound that most thought was the invading Indian army. By morning the noise had dissipated and it was discovered that the sound was actually hundreds or thousands of bullfrogs making their final protest after weeks and weeks of drought had finally dried up their pond. They had croaked! Read the full story here: The Windham Frog Fight. I love that the town is able to laugh at themselves in such an artful way.



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