Handprint Art

The kids have been in art camp all week. Well except for the day that C-man had an eye infection. The subject of art camp was The Octopus’s Garden and they did all things ocean. They brought home a multitude of projects. Our table, walls, refrigerator and counter overfloweth. A few of the things are keepers and really quite beautiful. Today being their final day they had a guest musician who played The Octopus’s Garden (of course!) and Yellow Submarine and other songs that they had never heard of so I’m guessing more by the Beatles.

The week at art camp inspired me to work on some home art projects, ideas that I’ve gotten from crafty kid blogs like The Crafty Crow. Love this blog! I don’t remember if the original idea came from this blog or not but from Tutus and Turtles I got this idea. Things we did differently were to paint the canvas with paint brushes and I let the kids pick two different colors, one dark and one light, to give it texture. It was simple and I love the result.




Presently in the works we have homemade wind chimes and garden ornaments. Stay tuned.


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