Garden Inspiration

garden inspiration, originally uploaded by ggrlogan.

Last year we had our garden expanded because there was no way I could fit all of the vegetables that I wanted to plant in the space left by the previous owner. I always tend to overcrowd. I have a horrible time thinning out my plants. Once I plant a seed and it becomes a plant then starts to grow I feel horrible pulling it out and ending its life after it’s struggled so hard to live, almost as if it’s a baby. I feel like a murderer ripping it out of the ground. I am getting better though since powdery mildew reminds me that I must thin or all plants will die without me having to pull them out.

With the expansion of the vegetable garden I had the flower garden expanded to match. This was expanded with no real plan of what it would look like in the future and it’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to over the past year. Last year I did heavenly blue morning glories, a few perennials and the rest were wildflower seeds scattered throughout. What I didn’t like about this plan is that the wildflowers looked messy and grew too tall and blocked the view of the flower garden in the back.

It took me until recently to formulate a plan. Unfortunately it took me so long that the garden is now covered in weeds. I’m weeding daily in the almost 90 degree heat and hopefully will be done in the next couple of days. But, what you see in the photo above is my inspiration. I jog by this garden weekly and love to watch the progression. My garden will not look exactly like this one, I won’t have a star, but I’ll have rocks and wind chimes that the kids helped to make. I like this garden for its simplicity. The redneck in me tends to overdo most things so I will only fill it with a couple perennials and try to leave some bare ground.

Hopefully I’ll have the results soon.


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