Endless Summer Hydrangea

One of my top 5 favorite flowers is the blue hydrangea. I first fell in love with it when visiting Virginia Beach where they flourish then later to the Jersey shore where the color variety was stunning. At the time we were living in Maine and the varieties available weren’t hardy to that region. I was so thrilled when the Endless Summer variety came on the market. I have 3 gorgeous bushes in the backyard of our southern New England home where they reward me with the most brilliant of blues. Here they are in their early stages of blooming.

In early spring I add aluminum sulfate ensuring their bright blue color. Also, if I deadhead the blossoms I will have flowers right up until the first frost.

This year I purchased a new variety called a Peppermint hydrangea that was gorgeous when it was purchased but it took me so long to get it into the ground that the blossoms died and had to be cut. Hopefully it will re-bloom and I’ll have photos to share later in the summer.


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