le jardin est fini!

We just got back from a glorious week at the beach but before we went I spent a week working on my garden. Remember the inspiration garden? First I had to weed the darn thing and it was quite full. Once the weeding was done I planted a few perennials – two rose bushes (with orange flowers, normally I do not like roses – not a fan of plants that can draw blood – but the color of these blooms were spectacular), the peppermint hydrangea and a liatris spicata. Then with the help of my husband we laid down a combination of burlap and newspaper to hinder the weeds then topped it with another combination of cocoa shell mulch and peat or sphagnum moss. A river of pebbles runs through it.

Here are a couple before shots, after weeding but before mulching.




And, drum roll please…

After shots.






I love how it came out. I have a few more things to add – driftwood collected on our vacation, a Baltimore Oriole feeder and a couple wind chimes that the kids made. Best of all, I can admire it right here from my computer chair.


2 thoughts on “le jardin est fini!

  1. Very beautiful. I’m inspired.

    But first I must figure out what’s a weed and what’s a legitimate plant….. I’ve got a lot of learning to do.

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