Vacation crafting

Tucked into playing in the sand and water, reading books, kayaking and playing board/card games we did a couple crafts. Two that I was saving specifically for a seaside vacation. The first was sun prints made from our beach collections placed on top of construction paper.


We left these here on the bench for most of the day that it got direct sunlight. The key to these was getting rocks heavy enough to hold down the paper, since the wind at the beach can be pretty strong, but small enough not to cover a lot of the paper. The pink/red sheet came out best.


On another day I used black and purple construction paper and they came out much more defined. So, the darker the paper the better.

The other craft was inspired by an extremely cute book that we had checked out of the library. It’s called A Couple of Boys Have The Best Week Ever by Marla Frazee. It’s about two boys that spend a week with one of the boys grandparents while going to nature camp. The book is very funny, when discussing their first day of nature camp,

“I thought you are supposed to walk on a hike.”

“Yeah, not stand and look at some flower for an hour.”

The grandpa is a big fan of penguins and tries without success to get the boys to go see a penguin exhibit. In the back of the book there are instructions on how to make your own penguin.

Make a Penguin!

1. Find a mussel shell

2. Find a white rock

3. Put the white rock inside the mussel shell and stand it upright

And that’s what we did.


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