Sent from an Angel

My friend, Angel, who lives in Nashville sent me orange cosmos seeds last spring. I spread them in the expanded garden that I really hadn’t planned out. They did okay but because of the lack of a plan they blended with the other perennials and didn’t stand out. And because I didn’t clean this garden out in the fall the cosmos reseeded and now that the garden has been weeded they are in the spotlight and oh so gorgeous.



I am so into the color orange these days and these cosmos are such a visual treat. Thanks, Angel!

Also, in Angel’s honor I’m posting this photo of a bee. While we were on vacation the kids found it in a bucket with a small amount of water in the bottom. One of the kids dumped the bucket out and the bee landed here on the step. We watched it for a while and it was moving but not flying. We left it alone and came back later and it was gone. We hoped that it just needed to dry off and then it was on its merry way. Our deck on the back of the cottage was in the middle of a bee highway, they were buzzing back and forth within arms reach.



2 thoughts on “Sent from an Angel

  1. becky they are lovely! we are collecting seeds from the cosmos all summer, and i have about 2 cups worth already!

    great shot of the bee! i’m sure she was fine.

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