Garden update, late July


Still growing. It’s amazing the difference a few short weeks makes.  I’ve picked about 12 zukes and 8 yellow squash. Today we picked our first 2 cucumbers, they are long and skinny but tasty. We’ve had such a rainy summer with a storm daily and the past two days have almost been washouts. When I picked cucumbers I found several slugs. The next two days are supposed to be sunny so hopefully things will dry out.

Growing amongst all my gardens, vegetable and flower, are volunteer dill plants. They originate from a planting two years ago. They are so gorgeous and some of them are big! Taller than my 5-year-old.


I’ve utilized the dill in a potato salad and a sour cream/mayo dip. Today I bought yogurt with the intention of making a dressing for chicken. There must be many ways to use dill and I will have to do an online search.

I also think the dill is such an interesting looking plant, especially the flowers. The kids and I think they look just like fireworks.



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