Vacation knitting

I learned to knit 5 years ago this fall. I’ve not really gone beyond knitting hats and scarves. I don’t have the motivation to take my skills much further. I did start a sleeveless hoodie for G-man and it’s been on the needles for a long time (good thing I chose to start it big). I’m stuck and need help. I’ll head up to WEBS this fall and probably have to pay them to help me figure it out.

I haven’t picked up my needles since December when I knit a scarf for a teacher. It’s my go to gift for teachers and Christmas. Vacation gave me the perfect motivation, sitting on the deck watching the kids play on the beach and in the water or while watching a Red Sox game I picked up my needles and knit what else? A scarf!


I’ve used this pattern many times because I like that it’s different from the normal rectangle shape of most scarves. I found the pattern here at Mason-Dixon Knitting (scroll down a bit). The yarn is Farmhouse Yarns, Lumpy Bumpy by Charlene in Kaleidoscope. The colors are vibrant and gorgeous, just what is needed in January. I haven’t yet decided what to do with it, probably another teacher gift.


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