Testing the waters

This fall starts a whole new chapter in my life. I’ve been a stay-at-home Mom for 7 years and this fall my youngest starts kindergarten. Both kids will be gone for 7 hours each day. I have to figure out how I’m going to fill my days. I know that I can fill them with non-productive, meaningless activities but I also know that won’t be satisfying. I have to find my passion. I’m going to take classes, the first being in photography.

I’d also like to create something, something unique and having to do with jewelry. At the prompting of my friend, Karen, we took a jewelry making classes. It was mostly learning to wrap wire for pendants and earrings. Karen made me a beautiful wrap wire bracelet which inspired me to make some of my own.

This one is for my MIL who lives in Wyoming. I was going for a western look.


This one is for my Mom because they are her colors and from her I inherited my love of gardening.


I don’t have to worry about this post ruining their surprises because neither knows how to save a website to their favorites and an RSS feed would be impossible to explain over an email or the phone so next visit I’ll have to set them up.

I like how the bracelets came out and they were pretty simple to make but I want to be able to add my own touch, beads that I make myself perhaps or maybe a charm. Another class that I will be looking into.

My cousin, Nanette, makes gorgeous handmade jewelry and sells it on Etsy. I received this beautiful bracelet for Christmas and have gifted her jewelry to several family members. Too bad she lives so far away because I’d love to learn from her!


4 thoughts on “Testing the waters

  1. Thanks, gals! Unfortunately I’ve already have to recreate one of them because the &#$%ing cat knocked it off the counter and a bead broke.

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