New Garden Friends

I wanted to put some new decor in the newly designed flower garden. I wanted it to be personal and made with a kids touch. I also wanted it to sound pretty. I searched online and combined a few ideas.

I bought clay pots and outdoor paint found at Michael’s.


I had the kids paint their pots as did I.


I gathered a few nuts and bolts for hanging the wind chimes and spray painted them with black outdoor spray paint. The nylon rope came off a toy or piece of clothing, I keep a lot of things like this thinking they would come in handy for a craft one day.


For the chimes, with fishing line, I strung keys from a xylophone that when the kids were 2-3 they had more fun removing the keys than making music.




And mine which is not very musical but has very big eyes and scares predators (or not) from the garden.


It was a fun project and I love hearing them chime when I’m in the garden or when we are playing in the backyard.


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