Freak of Nature

I’ve been busy this week. The kids are at their grandparents and I’ve been tackling a to-do list a mile long. I’ve only got a few hours left before I have to go pick them up and I am still not done with my list! I’ve been busy outside, weeding and mulching, and inside with the not so fun stuff. The rain, the rain! It is unbelievable. A huge t-storm moved through around noon then the sun popped out again and now another storm is approaching. I go outside to do my outside work until I’m forced back inside by the approaching storm. This must be close to the record for the wettest summer ever. The only things I have to water are containers under a roof. Some of my outdoor container plants are even drowning. Usually this time of year we are bone dry. Full sunny days do not exist. Someone from Burlington, VT was telling me that they had 6 days of sun in the entire month of June!


This is my freak of nature, a gladiola. I planted gladiola bulbs 2 summers ago and never dug them up. If you know anything about gladiolas you know that they are not supposed to do this here in Western Massachusetts where the ground always freezes in the winter.

Gladiola bulbs will come back year after year in regions where the ground does not freeze, but they are not winter-hardy in northern climates, so if you want to keep them going, dig them up after frost has blackened their leaves and store them in a frost-free place.

This is not the only glad, there are 2-3 more that are about to bloom. Even weirder, they didn’t bloom or even grow leaves last year. Freaky.

I’ll post soon on some of the outdoor projects that I took on this week.


2 thoughts on “Freak of Nature

  1. Nature is completely freaky this year. Add all our rain this summer to all the snow last winter and 2008 has to hold the record for the year with the most precipitation.

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