More garden redesign

I had another wild idea. I’m not even sure where the inspiration came from, perhaps it came to me like a painting comes to an artist or words to a poet. But I have this garden that is about 4′ wide and 50′ long. I have neglected it since moving here 2+ years ago and it was on my garden to do list this summer. First off was weeding which as you can imagine a long neglected garden would be short on desirable plants. Then I headed to my local lumber yard and had them cut me two pieces of fence post which was very affordable – $25. We dug a whole, mulched and assembled the two fence pieces and voila!


I’ve had several neighbors stop by and tell me how much they like the design.

At a local Farmer’s market one vendor was selling the most gorgeous honeysuckle and I knew it would be perfect for growing over the fence posts. I look forward to smelling its sweet scent as I start and return from my jogs.


The variety on the hand labeled tag said Sarafina but I can’t find that anywhere on the ‘net.

This garden is perfect for butterflies and hummingbirds with daisies, black-eyed susan’s, echinacea, spring flowering quince, iris, bee balm, phlox, plus many varieties I have yet to identify. Another plant which some may consider a weed, the milk weed, attracts monarchs and ladybugs.


Look at this beautiful monarch caterpillar. I hope it has time to turn into a butterfly before the cold returns in the next month or so.



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