Garden stories Part 1


My first attempt at gardening was pretty weak. I was living in my first apartment after college and in the backyard there was a rock garden that had once, I imagine, been gorgeous but years of renters had left it overgrown and neglected. With help it was weeded and I threw in Heavenly Blue morning glory seeds not knowing anything about them other than I was attracted to the color of the flower on the package. I was at first disappointed because for over two months there were no flowers. Then, toward the middle of August, I was finally rewarded with the gorgeous saucer shaped flowers. Each morning new flowers would open and each flower would last just that one day. Before late September came and the first frost killed the plant there were hundreds of blue flowers in this rock garden. The color is so gorgeous and reminds me of the color of the sky. It is a close match to the Endless Summer Hydrangea. Another plant in my top 5. I have planted these at each of the 5 places I have lived since that first attempt. This morning I was greeted with the very first blossom on my morning glory tower. This is what 4 tiny seedlings turns into.


It’s hard to tell from the photo but it’s taller than me!

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