Crazy, busy


Jackson Hole Airport and the Tetons including Air Force 2 on the lower left.

A lot has been going on.  We spent a fabulous week in Jackson Hole, WY ( J.hole ) visiting grandparents. We arrived home 2 days before the first day of school for G-man and then C-man started kindergarten 2 days later. Meanwhile, I was preparing for a weekend in which 10 kids and 9 adults would be playing, partying, sleeping and eating at our house.

It’s quiet here this Monday (darn 3 day weekend) Tuesday morning. The guests are gone and the kids are back at school. I still have emails to catch up on and a long RSS feed backlog. I should be able to keep up better with this blog. There’s lots of things I should be able to keep up with now that I have 7 hours a day to myself.

Last week I was featured on The Crafty Crow and it was fun to watch my blog stats in the aftermath.  The Crafty Crow is such a great site and has given me so many ideas for activities to do with the kids.  I hope that my wind chimes are found to be as much fun to make for others as they were for us.  They still look great and the paint has held up.  I’ll bring them in for the winter just to be safe.

Prepare to be inundated with photos and stories from Jackson Hole including pictures and commentary about a day-long jewelry making class that I took.

This week: Brimfield! It is about 12 miles from my house.  I’ve been a couple times in the past but I was always limited by the kids.  This year I can go for a big chunk of time and even more than one day if needed.  Woohoo!

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