Close Encounters


In Wyoming, nature is front and center.  Being the 9th largest state with a human population of 500,000 (less than the city of Nashville, TN) that leaves a lot of space for wildlife.  We saw plenty, some I got with the camera while others were too quick or too far away.  We saw elk, moose, bald eagle, osprey, mule deer, coyote, bison and a bear.  Something every day.  We never even had to look hard.  A couple times all we needed to see were several cars parked on the side of the road to alert us to some form of wildlife.  As was the case with this moose.


He was just standing in the stream trying to cool off. C-man screamed in excitement, “Look Dad! A moose!” and we tried to quiet him hoping it wouldn’t scare the moose away. I’m sure the moose was used to this kind of noisy gawking. We were very close but not too close.


Then, on the second to last morning of our trip, my Father-In-Law and I went on an early morning photo shoot to get the warm colors of the rising sun shining on the Teton’s.  We made several stops in the most picturesque of places.  As the sun was getting higher and we were getting hungrier we decided to head back to the house, we rounded a bend where I saw a couple cars on the side of the road.  I looked on the hill to our right and shouted “BEAR!”  We pulled over at a safe distance and took many pictures.  My Father-In-Law was pretty sure that it was a grizzly.  It just hung out eating berries while more and more people pulled over, some were dangerously close.  Unfortunately, we were taking pictures into the sun and the shiny back of the bear was very reflective so my photos aren’t the best quality.


I saw a wild bear! That has to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life.


One thought on “Close Encounters

  1. okay that is scary and amazing at the same time! I don’t know which is scarier I have heard moose are aggressive as well. But you have seen both in the wild. That is incredible and the moose picture is GREAT!!!!

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