Fall :: Death


I don’t get all excited about fall, with everything dying (and missing my beloved hummingbirds, I could almost cry), the days getting shorter and the temperatures colder.  I have this morbid thought that if/when I die I hope that it’s in the fall/winter so I can see my favorite time of year through. To me fall signals the beginning of my not so favorite season (an understatement), winter. I won’t be able to make a long list of my favorite things like I can about summer.  I do make the best of it with a few fall decorations and cooking an occasional soup.  The one thing that I can say that I love about fall is the October sky.  It is my opinion that the blue color of the October sky is unlike any other time of year.  I have a new-to-me polarizing filter for my Canon Rebel XT that I hope to put to good use.  Of course, being in New England the leaves give us great color, too.  Hopefully I’ll get a few good shots that I can share here.


The orange cosmos were amazingly abundant and have now mostly gone to seed. So far I’ve collected an entire mason jar full and probably will get another. The kids love to help with this since the seeds come off so easily into their hands. I’d be happy to continue the garden kindness that Angel had shown me when she sent me the original seeds. Let me know if you’d like a packet.


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