Belated Brimfield


The Brimfield Antiques Show is the largest and most well known antiques show in the country and we just happen to live 12 miles away. The show takes place over a week 3 times a year in spring, summer and fall. There are over 5,000 vendors and the town seems to turn almost carnival-like.  It is virtually impossible to see everything in one day so I went two and still didn’t get to all the fields. I first heard about the show just a few years ago before we lived in this area, my sister’s sister-in-law sells antiques in her hometown and would spend a couple days at Brimfield stocking up.


Brimfield has popped up on other blogs that I read pixiegenné and At Home Redesigns.  And when we were in J. Hole, WY recently I had two close encounters of the Brimfield kind, one was while at dinner in a very cozy restaurant our neighbors overheard me telling my husband my plans for the next several weeks and the guy pipes in while his wife cringes, “Excuse me for listening to your conversation but I’ve heard of that place Brimfield and I’ve always wanted to go, I’ve never been east of here in Jackson…”  I cannot imagine never being east of Wyoming.  The other encounter was with the jeweler that taught the daylong jewelery making class that I took, more on that tomorrow, she was also familiar with the antiques show.

Here are a few of my finds…

For the garden, a trellis for my sweet peas.


And a daisy made out of horseshoes.


Finally, a dragonfly.


As a momento of our trip to J. Hole, a bear and a bison.  Most likely carved from some non-renewable, endangered tree (just a tinge of guilt).


These vintage and costume jewelry necklaces which I have BIG plans for, more on that very soon.


And finally, as proof that there’s more to see and find than just antiques I give you these:




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