Grand Opening of Rejardin!

Etsy banner2

Finally!  I’ts only taken me a month and a half to figure things out but I think I’ve done it.  My Etsy shop, Rejardin is up and running.  The name Rejardin came to me one morning before my first cup of coffee which is so very unlike me, most of my creative thoughts come to me while jogging or in the shower and definitely not when I’m deprived of caffeine.  Anyways, ‘Re’ because of my first name, Rebecca, and my affection for repurposing or recycling and ‘jardin’ because it means garden in french.

In my shop I have earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  All items handmade and/or designed by me.  The earrings feature beads that are repurposed from vintage costume jewelry that are hung on sterling silver earrwire.

Take a look.

I love the deep orange color of these glass beads.  They are a great color for fall.


These are so fun. They are plastic, which make them lightweight, and I have them in 4 colors, navy, lilac, chartreuse and turquoise. I don’t know exactly how old these are but I’m guessing from the 1960’s based on the way the necklaces were strung.


These faceted smoky quartz beads are so gorgeous.


The color of these faceted beads make me think of Tiffany’s. They must be circa 1970.


These beads are so awesome. The color is sky blue and there are clouds floating throughout.


Two bracelets.

These gorgeous beads I found in Jackson, WY.


As well as the turquoise nuggets found on this one.


Finally, these two necklaces featuring a semi precious stone, leather, a silver ring repurposed from vintage jewelry and a sterling silver clasp.



I’ll be posting new items that I make here as well as listing them on Rejardin and Etsy. You can also click the link listed on the upper right side of this page.


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