Maine, I could live here, again.


We took a quick trip to Maine this past weekend. So quick that I didn’t take as many pictures that I would have liked to and what I post here is about all that I took (the others were from the brewer’s fest and not material for this blog). I heart Maine so much, that love started when I was a little girl vacationing each summer. I have so many great camping memories, most of them here at Hermit Island. As a child one of my hopes and dreams was to live in Maine, a dream that came true two weeks after we got married. We paid $89,000 for our first house which now seems so unbelievable. We were just fortunate to buy on the tail end of the last recession, just before the economy started to take off and the housing boom got it’s start.

Maine inspired me. It’s where my gardening, computer (can that be considered a hobby or is it an addiction?) and photography hobbies took root. It’s where our family was started. On this quick visit we were able to do some of our favorite things that we still miss dearly. First, the purpose of our trip, The Maine Brewer’s Festival, where we enjoyed an evening tasting some of our favorite beer.  That evening we dined at my all time favorite restaurant, The Pepperclub, take a look at their menu it is so incredible.  I had the roasted fall vegetable and goat cheese quesadilla, my dining companions had the most amazing seafood streudel.  I’m drooling right now thinking about it.  The Pepperclub is also the restaurant where my water broke with child number one.  I was determined to wear these pre-pregnancy pants and they were so tight they caused my water to break, that and I was 39 weeks.

We picked up my favorite granola from Big Sky Bread Company.  And now I’m happy to see that you can order it online but I’m not sure that I could eat 4lbs before it goes stale.  Might need some help with that.  We went to LL Bean which used to be 15 minutes from our house.  LL Bean has taken over Freeport with several expanded stores.  We had time to hit a couple other outlets before hitting the road back to the kiddos.


We couldn’t leave Maine without lending a helping hand to the lobstermen (and women).  Because of the recession people are not buying lobster and the demand has gone way down.  Lobstermen are fearing that they will not be able to continue in their profession through the winter which will have adverse effects on many small communities in Maine.  We were happy to do our small part.


I still hold a torch for Maine and now dream of moving back one day.  As the sign states when you enter on the turnpike, Maine: The Way Life Should Be.

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