Maine Art for Everyday


The source of this picture and the snowman below is from the Art For Everyday website.

The art shown above is from the 2009 Kate Libby collection of 11×14 poster calendars sold here at Art For Everyday.  I first spied these hanging in a home here in western Mass. and what first got my attention were the bright colors and then when I heard that they are by a Maine artist I knew that I had to have them.  You can buy the calendars by themselves and/or order the frames.  You could display them one or three at a time.  I like to display three months at a time because of all the bright colors.  Come January I display the current month and the two following, February and March, as if it will help spring come quicker.  Starting with June I hang on to the two previous months.


Sorry for the bad photo but they just happen to be hung in the darkest place in our living area. The colors help to brighten it up but they don’t photograph well.

My other attraction to this calendar is Kate Libby’s story.  She passed away in 2005 leaving her husband and her 9-year-old son.  As a mother to an almost 9-year-old the thought of this brings me to tears. According to Art for Everyday she was a very prolific artist and her calendars will continue for years to come.  The sale of these calendars helps to support her family.

The calendars arrive in a gorgeous portfolio adorned with Kate Libby’s artwork.  I have kept each month since I first ordered these calendars and would like to figure out a way to reuse the artwork, most likely I’ll start by cutting off the calendar part but then what I’m not sure.


It’s now time for me to order the 2009 calendars.


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