Not all is lost

Most of the color is gone. What’s left is green grass, evergreens, dead brown leaves and for today, crystal blue sky. You have to look closer to find the beauty.

This is what I found. First a squirrel enjoying what’s left of a rotten pumpkin on our front steps. This shot was taken through the front window which was my only vantage point.


Bittersweet! I know it’s invasive and I shouldn’t be so happy to find it on my back hill but I was sitting here staring out the window and saw a small amount of red and I thought, could it be? and upon further investigation found it to be true. I wish I was the type to be able to stop on the side of the road to cut it off from someone elses property but I’m not. Also, I hate how fake the Michael’s variety looks. Now I have free and natural Thanksgiving decor.


The milkweed is letting go of its seeds which are floating through the 10 degree wind chill.


This one looks like it’s in the formation of the hand shadow game.



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