New York City on speed

First off, an update on the vendor night. It was a PTO fundraiser for my son’s school. The entire event lasted all of 2 hours. I was a bad blogger and in the excitement forgot to take any pictures of my table. Traffic was pretty light in comparison with last year when I was a shopper and it was jammed. However, I did sell a few pair of earrings and a bracelet making the evening worthwhile. I will also be designing a custom pair of earrings and selling another bracelet to two people who visited my table. I have 3 bracelets to list in my shop but I haven’t gotten around to photographing them. I will try today but the stone upon where I take my outdoor shots is 18 degrees!

On Saturday my Mom, sister and I took our annual trip to NYC.  We take a bus that drops us off around 10:30 and we have 7 hours to see the city.  If you’ve ever been you know that it is almost impossible to do it justice in this short amount of time.  We started at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where my sister had once visited but for my Mom and I it was our first time.  We spent a couple hours browsing around but realistically one must spend a full day or more to get the full affect. We saw a lot of really old and restored Greek monuments, 4th and 5th century BC. Most of their noses and penises didn’t fare so well. Perseus fared better but then again he’s only a baby in comparison.


I was far more impressed with the modern and contemporary art of the likes of Pablo Picaso and Georgia O’Keeffe. Here are a couple colorful shots that caught my eye (not Picaso or O’Keeffe).



After the museum we attempted to do some shopping and walked from the Met south on 5th Ave. 50 blocks. We later calculated it to be 3 miles! Seen on the way:


My sister with her head down trying to follow directions on her iPhone. The Empire State Building in the background.



Times Square.


We had to return 30 blocks to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for our bus pickup but before that was to happen we had to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.


Next year on our annual trip we are considering taking the two older children to see the Rockettes.


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