A Christmas Catastrophe


We bought our Christmas tree at a tree farm on Sunday and spent Sunday evening decorating. The kids were really into it this year and reached up as far as they could to spread out the ornaments instead of grouping them all at the bottom. When they got home from school on Monday there were a couple more ornaments for them to hang. As my youngest was heading towards the tree it suddenly toppled over smashing ornaments onto the floor and into the hearth. My oldest was heartbroken and sobbed while picking up the ornaments that weren’t salvageable and tossing them into the trash. There were so many that we had to toss. Our ornaments are mostly handmade or ones that we have collected through the years of places that we’ve visited. Ornaments that can’t be replaced.

However, there were a few that visited the ornament ER. Here they are awaiting suturing. Santa looks as if he is frightened of the beheaded (or benecked?) flamingo or perhaps he’s just shocked that a pink flamingo ornament even exists.


Earlier in the day I did take a photo of a portion of the tree. We participated in The Crafty Crow Kids Ornament Swap.  The theme was Winter Wonderland.  We cut branches from a white birch tree in the backyard then spray painted them with silver and sprinkled them with glitter.  We tied them together with yarn to make a snowflake and strung them with baker’s twine.

A few of the ornaments seen in the background are ones that sadly met their demise.



On my list today is a new tree stand and probably a few ornaments.


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Catastrophe

  1. Yes, out with the old, in with the new. Each year that I take out the Crafty Crow ornaments will remind me of the year that our tree fell

  2. Timber! We had a tree go down one year. Doesn’t sound like we had as much damage though – it was on a carpeted floor and only like 6ft high.

    Any craft possibilities for the smashed pieces? Maybe foam balls rolled in glue then dipped in the smashed pieces pile?

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