Calm Before The Storm and/or All Is Calm All Is Bright


They’ll have their work cut out for them tomorrow, we’re expecting 8-14 inches of snow followed by a string of storms on alternating days.  Looks like we’ll have a white Christmas which isn’t always the case.  I can’t complain because we’ve been lucky so far, my sister and family just went 5 days without electricity.  Check out their ordeal here along with some pretty cool photos.

Today was the calm day.  It was sunny even which is a pretty rare event around here these days.  I was able to get a couple pictures of a new design that I’m working on.


I found an online  tutorial on forming your own earwires as opposed to using what’s available commercially.  These are made out of what I think is 22 gauge (it was sold to me as 20 gauge but I believe it to be thinner and 22) sterling silver wire, hand formed then hammered for looks and strength.  I love the organic look and the more handmade I can make my jewelry the better.


The fossil beads, which match those on a bracelet that I recently listed and sold in my shop, are suspended from sterling silver wire that has been hammered flat holding the bead secure.

Look for these and more like them to show up in my shop, soon.

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