External flash love

I’ve waited a long time to make this post. I had to wait until I got what I had hoped, up until Christmas day, would be the gift of a new external flash for my Canon Rebel XT digital camera. My wish came true and I am smitten! Our house is pretty dark on the inside which makes taking indoor photos extremely disappointing so I just don’t take many. And, when you live in the northeast and spend 5 months hibernating, it makes for a huge photo void.

For comparisons sake, check this out:

With standard camera flash and heavily edited,


With new external flash,


I directed the external flash at the white ceiling (which used to be dark green until this past summer and would never have reflected the light – really, I painted the ceiling white for the sole purpose of a good photo) to reflect and flood the light. Seriously in love with this thing. I have a HUGE learning curve ahead of me.

Why I’ve waited so long to make this post, since my birthday in September, is that I wanted to share this awesome gift that my sister gave me.


It’s so simple, coated wire cord with magnets to hold photos. One could make it I’m sure but it’s pretty inexpensive as is, found here.  There was no way I could get a good shot of the photo rope prior to owning this awesome flash.

So look for better quality shots appearing here all winter long!

Speaking of quality shots, check out The Year 2008 in Photographs.  Incredibly moving and amazing.


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