Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?


Took a short trip to Crate and Barrel for a little January pick-me-up. The store is having a seasonal clearance so there were bargains to be had. I couldn’t resist this mug, it’s a decent size which is a must with both my coffee and tea. Here it is full of my favorite Yogi tea, Echinacea Immune Support. The tag on the end of the string reads, “To be great, feel great and act great.” How does one act “great”? At least the accompanying jasmine scented candle smells really “great”.

More orange…


We are experiencing a cold snap or typical January weather in New England. It’s brutally cold, in the single digits or below zero overnight and barely in the double digits during the day. I’m really, really thankful for a nice warm house. The weather is causing the birds to come out of the forest in search of food. Yesterday our back hill was teeming with robins and eastern bluebirds digging and picking through the exposed leaves looking for frozen bugs and berries.


The robins were also eating the berries off the holly bushes and cherry trees in the front yard. I even spied them on the porch eating the holly berries off my holiday greenery. There were so many robins and they were so frantic that they kept flying into the windows of the house. One poor robin left a few feathers behind but thankfully no body.


My jewelry making supplies arrived and I’ve made a few things that I hope to list in my shop today.  This past weekend my side of the family got together for a belated holiday celebration and I gifted my Mom this bracelet, it’s purple and designed for her love of her birthstone, Amythest.



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