Double knit hat


These cold winter nights have inspired me to pick up and knit again but not for myself, how many scarves and hats can one own?  My Mom’s birthday is February 2nd, Groundhog Day, so when I saw this pattern here I asked her if she was in need of a new hat.  She said that she was and her only request was that it be turquoise.  Since I didn’t have anything that bulky in my stash I made a trip up to Webs in Northampton.  Hard to believe with their stock that they did not sell the yarn specified in the pattern but I was easily able to sub it out with N.Y. Yarns Action in Cool Tones.  Unfortunately, I had to knit the hat twice since the first result was HUGE (rip and renew).  Fortunately, it knit up quick.  For this yarn I cast on 44 then followed the remainder of the directions for the larger sized hat.

Here’s a version made on a knitting loom from Polka Dot Cottage.


And perhaps I’m onto something here, a hat with matching earrings which, of course, I made. Most people match their earrings to their clothing so why not their hat? Especially in a New England winter when no one can see your clothing under all those down feathers.

After many trials and tribulations I was finally able to get decent photos of the new jewelry pieces that I have made. Look for them popping up on my Etsy site in the next few days.


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