Searching for color…


It’s that time of year, of winter, where I start getting antsy. I’m over it and ready for a change. But the thing is it’s not over, far from it. We do see bare ground, the snow still in piles where the plows have left it. There are glimpses of spring if you look for it, longer days, sap buckets affixed to maple trees, woodchucks emerging from hibernation, but it’s still cold and visually blah.

With the snow receding this past week I did take notice of a hardy succulent-like plant growing in my front beds. It’s a Sedum Rupestre Angelina. I first noticed this plant while taking a digital photography class at Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, VA, my second favorite place next to the ocean when we lived in that area.  The class was given in February when this plant is at its most colorful.  Once I found out how hardy it was I knew it was destined to find a home in my gardens.


And this plant IS hardy, with two kids and a dog constantly traipsing upon it it continues to grow and spread.


Image at top edited with a touch of saturation.

Based upon my records we’ll see some definite signs of spring in the coming weeks, specifically snowdrops and crocus.


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