Rhyolite and Sterling Silver Charm bracelet

In my shop.


Rhyolite represents change, variety and progress. It is said to light the fire of creativity within the soul and help with self-realization; it’s believed to balance the emotions and increase self-respect, self-worth and the capacity to love. Rhyolite occurs largely in the U.S.A.

These rhyolite gemstones are nestled with 3 sterling silver charms in a floral motiff plus one sterling silver bead. One honey jade gemstone is added to give it even more character. A sterling silver clasp holds it all together.

Though at first glance it might look like jasper, rhyolite is an igneous rock with high silica content – chemically identical to granite. It cooled from a molten state (as hot as 2192°F), too quickly for crystals to form. Because rhyolitic magma and lava are so thick, they tend to build up pressure until a gas explosion in the volcano throws them all over the place in particles ranging from ash all the way up to big blocky chunks. The stone’s mossy greens, browns and grays are reminiscent of a rainforest, and it presents interesting banding.

Bracelet measures 8″ from end to end.


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