Beginning Ring and Stone Jewelry Class

Learn ring making techniques and create your own custom fit sterling silver band ring. Then, create a personalized bezel setting for a cabochon shaped stone to apply to your ring (or separate pendant). You’ll select your own stone from a variety of choices. Award winning Rhode Island artist and teacher Aime Plante exhibits her work nationally.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take this class where we were taught how to solder sterling silver and bezel set a stone. I have to say that I was a bit intimidated by the torch, fire and knives are not my friends and I have the scars to prove it, but I loved the result.

After cutting the pre-stamped sterling silver to size I bent and filed it in preparation for soldering and creating a ring.


Here is a classmate soldering her ring. Mine is one of the ones sitting on the table awaiting to be soldered.


After soldering, there were a few steps taken before placing it on a mandrel and hammering to make it as close to perfectly round as possible.

Some chose to place their bezel settings on their ring band while others, like me, chose to make a pendant.

Here’s my friend, Karen, stamping her pendant.


Ami, our instructor, making a bezel setting.


A classmate who chose to solder her bezel setting on a ring band.


My pendant… I sawed and filed a small sheet of sterling silver, I also stamped in the design of the ocean, water~sand~sky. I soldered the bezel setting and the bail (tube on top for the chain). Then I placed the smoky blue chalcedony gemstone. The photo is quite horrible since I was using my point and shoot.


Here are a couple finished items from my classmates. The first one uses a vintage button which I love so much.



My finished product…  I tarnished my ring and then using a fine sand paper rubbed the tarnish off of the design which really made it stand out.


And my pendant.


Currently I’m enrolled in another class called, Beginning Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing.

Learn the basic techniques of jewelry making. Learn to saw, file, sand, pierce and solder silver and or copper into wearable jewelry your friends will envy. Learn techniques through a variety of projects: ring, bracelet, pendant, or earrings. Creative exploration encouraged. No experience necessary. Instructor Carla Polek is a master jewelry maker.

This class is more detailed than the first and we are working on a pendant of our own design and using a technique called Sweat Soldering.

I’m having fun with it and plan to make a workshop for myself in the house. The investment is not too over the top and it will allow me to be even more creative with the items that I sell in my shop.


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