Paused for technical difficulties

A nasty virus attacked my computer last week. I don’t think it was the worm but it was bad enough. Luckily, I had most everything backed up on an external hard drive. I was still able to connect to the internet and had McAfee remotely remove the virus. I was so relieved when it was found and destroyed. It really disrupted my creative mojo.

Thankfully, now, it’s all good.

I’ve got new jewelry to list in Rejardin but first I think a little bit of spring is needed.

These horses were born just one year ago.






Rain drops on a yet to bud Japanese maple tree.


And, saving the best for last, my 8-year-old took this picture for his school art show.


Check out the pollen that bee is carrying around! In one of the shots he took you could see a bit of pollen falling off the bee.  The crocus flowers have already gone by.

New jewelry and a silver oxidizing tutorial coming soon!

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