More signs of spring…



Hyacinth… they smell so incredibly good.


And, from the vegetable garden, asparagus!… not quite a meal.


The beginning of that historic rhubarb.


I think I’ve found a new purpose for the rhubarb, I read where the leaves, when boiled in water then strained and using the remaining liquid sprayed onto the soil, make a great deterrent to powdery mildew. I’ll try anything, really.

* I changed the title of my blog; growing up, my Mom always called me Rebecca the Housewrecka most likely based on the state of my bedroom.  It’s more fitting and fun than the previous, Musings and Minutiae.  According to the Urban Dictionary, which for sure wasn’t around when I was a kid, a housewrecker is a violent house party usually resulting in a visit from the cops and thousands of dollars worth of damage because of an unbelievable amount of alcohol consumed. These events usually take place on a weekend when the host’s parents are away. It may be planned, or merely the consequence of spontaneous actions influenced by too much alcohol. I may or may not have attended 1 or 2 of these in the distant past. (;


3 thoughts on “More signs of spring…

  1. I might have to try that rubarb idea, I like it! The name cracks me up. It’s sad how many times a week I look to the Urban Dictionary as an authority. =)

  2. Lovely, lovely! I wish I had asparagus coming up…oh well, next year. As for the shot for your tumbler…I actually purchased mine from Rio Grande. I just linked to Fusion Beads because at that time you needed an account to view their inventory. I was unable to find it at your basic hobby shop like AC Moore or Michaels but maybe you could find something at a local rock shop. But the amount that I have is just right. I can add tons of pieces to the tumbler, still have plenty of room and get a good shine. It seems like a lot and it truly took me a while before I decided to invest in it.

    All of your jewelry is beautiful, good luck!

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