Spring :: Rebirth!

I’ve been so neglectful of this space!  It’s not for lack of things to post as I’ve got plenty and many more ideas that will never make it to publication.  With springs arrival I’ve just been so busy!  Both boys are playing baseball this spring which added to their other activities makes weeknights and weekends jam packed.  April gave us the grandest farewell with temperatures in the upper 90’s!  We even had to resort to a/c otherwise none of us would have gotten any sleep.

Because of the warm temperatures at the end of April it is said that blooming is two weeks ahead of schedule.  My tulip magnolia blossomed and lost it’s flowers within days.  It also leaves the early bloomers vulnerable to frost since we can expect more shenanigans from our friend Jack over the next couple of weeks.

Now that my boys are getting older (sniff, sniff) they  can sometimes be rather helpful and this spring they both gave me a hand weeding the vegetable garden.  Today, we’ll spread it with compost in anticipation of planting at the end of the month.  However, I have snuck in a few mesclun lettuce seedlings which will most likely be offerings to our Easter bunny scout.

Yesterday, I took a walk around the yard with my camera capturing current bloomers.

Bleeding Heart






Unknown purple flower that looks like phlox but is way too early to be.




Pink Dogwood


White Dogwood


Both the pink and white Dogwood are planted together so their flowers intermingle. I’ll attempt to get a photo of the entire tree.

Also, a friend greeted us in the flower garden yesterday. It was so adorable, this little toad.


So many exciting things happening! Have I ever mentioned how much I love this time of year? Ha ha! Lilacs should be in full bloom next week which also means my allergies will kick into high gear.

I have a lot of jewelry posts coming in the future including items new to my shop, Rejardin, new techniques that I’m trying and gifts that I’ve been working on. Fun stuff!


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