I’ve wanted to compost for a while now and finally have the set up to make it happen.  We used to compost when we lived in Maine by using a large bowl that sat on the counter way too long before we brought it out back to the makeshift compost bin in the garden.  I knew that in order to make composting work for us that it had to be easy and not stinky.

On a recent trip to Burlington, VT we visited Gardener’s Supply Company and picked up our supplies.

I chose this stoneware crock because it wasn’t ugly and didn’t scream compost pail.  The one drawback that we’ve found is that with the top being smaller than the middle it’s hard to get the materials out when it’s full. In addition, these Biobags so the insides of the crock don’t get messy and smelly.


Then we chose this compost bin because of the portability.  Right now it sits in a corner on the back deck.  When necessary we can just wheel it over to the garden for application.  Then, in the winter, we can have it right outside the rear sliding doors for easy access.


Hopefully I’ve got all the lazy excuses for not composting covered.  And, in the short time that we’ve implemented this new routine we’ve already collected quite a bit of materials for composting.


3 thoughts on “Composting!

  1. i’ll admit, i have the stinky bowl on my counter. i’ve just yet to find anything else that works. we have a rather large compost pile that my hubby has taken a liking too. he loves to try all the methods; layering vs piling vs neglect vs constnt turning. i think it’s like a dirty meditation for him. 🙂 i’m just happy it’s not my job anymore. i definitely went the neglect route.

    love your bin btw. i have yet to see one with wheels.


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