Potato bins


I’m really going to try to get back in the swing of blog things. This has been the busiest spring of my adult life. It’s a taste of things to come as the kids grow older. Baseball reigns supreme in our household.

Sadly, on the gardening front, there’s not great news to report. It was the coolest, rainiest June in my lifetime with little sun and temperatures running 20 degrees below normal. My flowers look great and I have photos to share but my veggies are stunted to say the least.

One bright spot are the potato bins that I decided to give a try this year. Like the composting components I purchased them from Gardener’s Supply in Burlington, VT. In the past I’ve planted potatoes in the ground with poor results. We happen to have a bit of a mole problem and they think potato is a delicacy. I saw these bins and thought that they would keep the moles out and take up little room in the garden. In fact, they aren’t even located near the veggie garden and are in the front of our house beside the garage.


I planted Red Pontiac potatoes purchased from Burpee.   I followed the planting instructions found here on the Gardener’s Supply website. In about 10 days I saw the first sprouts and we’ve already had to add soil.  We will continue to add soil until the sides have been completely unrolled.


This stands to serve as a reminder that the sweet potatoes come as plants and not tubers.  This is the second time I’ve purchased these from Burpee with the same result.  The first time they were planted in the garden and succumbed to the moles.  Hopefully I will finally learn my lesson.


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