Flowers in my garden


Sweet Potato vine growing in a container. I’ve always loved the color of the sweet potato vine whether it be chartreuse or purple. It’s a plant that I use every year to compliment my containers. However, I’ve never had one bloom as this one is doing now on my front steps.




Does anyone know what this fuchsia flowered plant is? The leaves are soft and almost like Lamb’s Ear. I had one small plant a couple years ago and now it has spread across my yard. I’ve even divided and given several plants away.


The first of my orange cosmos to bloom.  I kept a large jar of seeds from last year but didn’t need to plant them since so many dropped and they seeded themselves.


The Endless Summer Hydrangea is majestic and lush.


Milkweed getting ready for the butterflies.


Beautiful Bee Balm.



Not sure of the name of this flower but when I took a picture of the fireworks last evening I couldn’t help but see the similarity.


4 thoughts on “Flowers in my garden

  1. I have a ton of that chartreuse flower. Too much in fact. Not sure what it is. My bee balm isn’t anywhere near flowering.

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