Mama Monday :: But it’s Wednesday!

My friend, Julie, whom I met while living in Nashville started something she calls Mama Monday’s and invited me and others to join in… “…you love taking photos of your family. You love having photos of people you love. Why are you always running away from the camera when people try to snap a shot of you? You don’t have to look perfect to have your picture taken. Let someone else take the picture. Your kids will appreciate it later…”.


This picture was taken a couple weeks ago while we were at Cape Cod. We were lucky being that it was a sunny day but not so fortunate in the temperature department. I sat there reading while covered in goosebumps. The kids didn’t care, they played in the sand and chased the waves.

One thing I love about getting away from home is being able to read during the day. I don’t have a “to do” list hanging over my head or kids that I feel that I’m ignoring (I do it enough while being on the computer) and I feel free to read at will. Normally, I read at night when I go to bed. I read a few pages before the book oftentimes startles me when it falls shut as I fall asleep.

The book that I read while away was Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian.  It was a fantastic read!  It was about a family who lived in Eastern Germany/Poland toward the end of World War II.  As the Russians were moving in they had to abandon their home where generations of their family had lived and trek west across Germany in the middle of winter.  The book was inspired by a diary that was shared with the author, Chris Bohjalian.  I have read many of Bohjalian’s books and am always fascinated with how well he can write from a woman’s perspective.


My older son received a digital camera for his birthday which means that it’s entirely possible that I will be showing up in many more family photos.

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