Better late than never Christmas ornaments

It’s not often that I craft with the kids anymore. Mostly a result of them getting older and having other interests. Still, I like to make (with them) a quality Christmas ornament each year. Prior to Christmas I saw these adorable S’more snowmen ornaments on Little Birdie Secrets.  I purchased the polymer clay and then it sat in a drawer for 2 months.  I always have visions of what I think I can accomplish during the holidays and what actually happens is something quite different.  Finally, we had a quiet day not too long ago and we made our version of the S’more snowmen ornament.

This is mine…


And then, all of a sudden, when the carrot nose went on the snowman he became a penguin.

Kid #2’s, who was studying penguins in school at the time…


Kid #1’s, who decided that his penguin needed a Pilgrim top hat…


It didn’t even enter my mind that these would turn out as anything but snowmen. Love the creativity that this project inspired.


And since they are more wintery than Christmasy we currently have them on display.

Oh, and playing with polymer clay is fun!


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